SHINY TENTACOOL FOUND! LIVE SOS Shiny Hunting in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! ft. PokeMEN!

LIVE SOS Encounter Shiny Hunting and Shiny Wonder Trading in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! We are aiming for the shiny jellyfish Tentacool! And every time we hit a subscriber goal, I will GTS giveaway one of my repeat shiny Pokemon! PokeMEN is streaming with me! Subscribe here! Become a Sponsor here! Follow John aka PokeMEN! **SUBSCRIBE TO HIM HERE** HIS STREAM RIGHT NOW: CHAT RULES: 1. Be nice to EVERYONE. 2. Don’t spam (do not spam excess emotes, excess caps, repeat the same message, type nonsense, etc). 3. I CANNOT read every message in the chat. Please don’t be offended or get mad if I miss yours. (And do not repeat messages just so I can see them. That’s spamming). 4. Do not ask questions you could easily look up yourself. is your best friend. 5. Don’t advertise your own content/channel or someone else’s. Only I’m allowed to do that since this is my channel. 6. Do not swear or use other offensive language. 7. If I’m getting angry about something, don’t tell me to calm down. It has the opposite effect. 8. Do not ask for shoutouts, ask to be noticed, ask to be modded, try to organize trades, or say other similarly irrelevant things. I make Pokemon videos, such as Top 10 or Top 5 Pokemon videos, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon content, Pokemon Sun and Moon content, Pokemon anime Ash Ketchum videos, Pokemon Let’s Plays of Pokemon games, and lots more! If you’re hyped for Pokemon Sun and Moon, been a lifetime Pokemon fan, or even if you just picked up Pokemon Go, you should subscribe to me! Follow Jubilee! **SUBSCRIBE TO HER HERE** Want to send cool stuff to Jubilee or me to open on stream? Use our Amazon wishlist! Support me on Patreon! https:// Extra special thanks to my Patrons Ryan Hancy, Bryan Ingram, Jenrri Arias, Jaeson Dalessandro, Joseph Milman, Holden Graham, Golan Perez, and Kat Chirpich! Check out the new MandJTV merch store! My 2nd Channel Michael Groth! https:// Want some super cool clothes like the space hoody I wear sometimes? Use code MANDJTV for 10% off at Into the AM! I use XSplit to record my webcam and game footage. Click on this link to get it yourself! https:// My chair is from GT Omega! Use code “mandjtv” for a discount! I use an Elgato HD60 Pro to record Nintendo Switch footage! Check out their gaming products! https:// Graphic design for my Ultra Sun series by CoolShallow! https:// Hi-Res Shiny Model GIFs by FurretTurret! Download them for yourself here: https:// Music by Rob-Ez! YouTube: https:// Soundcloud: Facebook! Twitter! Instagram! https://

SHINY TENTACOOL FOUND! LIVE SOS Shiny Hunting in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon! ft. PokeMEN! time: 03:02:10

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