Mountaineering Movies – Top 10 Favourites

Top 10 best Mountaineering Movies, top 10 latest Mountaineering movies 2016,2017 new releases Wellcome to TopVid, today we are counting down our pick for the top 10 best Mountaineering movies. Number 10 is “Vertical Limit” from 2000. In the ninth position we find “127 Hours” from 2010. The Number 8 in our list is “Alive” film from 1993. Number 7, “Third Man on the Mountain”, movie from 1959. Number 6 “Everest”, released in 2015. Number 5 in our top is “Cliffhanger”, from 1993. Number 4, “The Eiger Sanction”, movie from 1975. In the third place, “K2”, film produced in 1991. The silver medal of this top goes to “Cara norte”, from 2008. Our top pick today is “Tocando el vacío”, a wonderful movie from 2003. IMDB page:

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