Mind Spike: The Uncategorized Rata

The introduction of Heart of Thorns opened up new entry points to old mysteries, one of which was the mystery of the Uncategorized fractal, it’s origins and it’s meaning. So in this episode of Mindspike I explore the depths of Rata Novus to see whether or not there’s any relation between that and the Uncategorized fractal. Mind Spike is a series where I investigate deeper aspects of the world of Tyria, with the hope of highlighting both the good and bad about the lore, the mechanics, the community, and the game Guild Wars 2 in general. I hope you guys like this video! Please feel free to comment on anything you feel for down below!☺ Till next time, I will see you in the mists! Or on twitter @DeroirGaming! 😉 Supported by ArenaNet. ★ Buying “Guild Wars 2: Heart of thorns” through this link directly supports my channel: ★ You can also play the core game for free: Mind Spike Playlist: Links: u/Juniterio’s reddit post: Datamined Rata Novus by That_Shaman: Gw2 Timeline: Zinn: The Uncategorized Fractal: Rata Pten: Rata Novus: Consortium: Singularity Theory: The intro screen was made with the help of dgb1tch, you can find his art at !

Mind Spike: The Uncategorized Rata time: 00:17:14

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