Welcome to my Life Vlogs & Paranormal Mystery Channel. My family & I have fun Fishing, Investigating the Paranormal in some of the most Haunted places in Florida, Dumpster Diving, name a few. Come along with me as I spend time with Family & Friends, continue my Flower Cemetery Project, Meeting Fans and lots more… You can support my Channel by liking, sharing and watching my videos. If you want to do more my PayPal is: https:// Mailing Address: MARIE”S LIFE VLOGS PO BOX 11352 SPRING HILL FL 34610 Business Inquiries Email: Instagram: MariesLifeVlogs Snap chat ID – marieslifevlogs Maries Fun Fams Facebook Page: https:// TeeShirts made by Marie that come with an autographed photo: https:// My Merchandise Store: What are EVP’s? EVP stands for Electronic Voice. Phenomenon. This is a disembodied voice or sound that is caught on a recording at the time of the investigation. These are then deciphered by ear alone or a wave pattern of white noise plotted on a graph. Most EVP’s need to be slowed down to really be heard. However, there are the “Class A” EVP’s that you will hear with your ear alone with or without the spirit box and those are the BEST ! What is a Spirit Box? An electronic device that works by reverse scanning the FM band and AM band along with a unique high frequency synthetic noise, a.k.a. white noise, where spirit voices seemingly are able to form words. Food Challenge: https:// OmarGoshTV at my Birthday Party: https:// Patty & I Meeting Fans: https:// Gteam, UGUE and Friends & Family at Halloween: https:// Ghosts and my Dog Louie: https:// My Granddaughter Hailie https:// My Daughter Angie https:// JESS MY PR GIRL https:// FLORIDA GIRL https:// UGUE Rob & Joe https:// The G Team Patty https:// TONYA WITH CAROLINA GHOST SEEKERS https:// HOLYWALKERS https:// My grandson Marcus channel is https://

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