Fractal 50 – Uncategorized Engineer Solo

Shadowplay had issues and caused some portions to not be recorded, but I tried to edit it to make it not very noticeable Champions & Bandit (Real kill time ~ 9:30): 6/4/0/4/0 Giver’s Pistol/Shield, Strength and Battle sigils Full Sinister Koi Cakes and Toxic Focusing Crystal Old Tom (Real kill time ~ 6:30): 6/4/0/2/2 Giver’s Rifle, Chilling and Malice sigils Full Berserker Koi cake and Toxic Focusing Crystal Raving Asura (Real time kill ~ 15:00) 6/6/0/2/0 Pistol/Shield, Energy and Battle sigils Full Berserker Plate of Steak and Asparagus, Potion of Inquest Slaying Birdy – Skinny Love (Vanic Remix) Au5 ft. Danyka Nadeau – Follow You (Rootkit Remix) Draper – Painting the Sky

Fractal 50 – Uncategorized Engineer Solo time: 00:13:50

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