420cc Lifted Go Kart Gets Off-Road Upgrades!

In this video the 420cc lifted go cart gets a ton of cool performance, practical, and offroad upgrades. This includes a light bar, side mounted ammo boxes, a huge snorkel, and a battery with functional electric start. After installing all of these upgrades we install new brake bands, pedals, and a brand new steering wheel to really upgrade the look of this kart. Thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned for part 3 where this kart gets paint! If you like the music be sure to check out my buddies sound cloud for this song along with a bunch of other sick guitar. https://soundcloud.com/shockedeel/scmo The exact parts we used. Torque Converter- Chain- Engine Mount plate- Performance kit-https:// Steering wheel- Brake bands- Pedals- Exhaust Header- Muffler- Battery-

420cc Lifted Go Kart Gets Off-Road Upgrades! time: 00:19:45

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